All the hype in technology these days is around ML, AI/deep learning, self-driving cars, blockchain, AR/VR and other shiny new things. Advertisers are planning to increase the average number of integrated data sources to gain greater advertising effectiveness insights. So, the rise of programmatic advertising has provided unparalleled opportunities for advertisers to target ads to specific users and improve performance. With programmatic campaigns, platforms and algorithms can manage ad placements across thousands of sites to target the right user, at the right time, in the right place across the web and in mobile apps.

However, there is an area out of technology that will be always necessary to built brands and can´t  be replaced or generated by algorithms of any kind: creatives and creativity.

It means that behind the big data to find new insighs, the programmatic advertising to performance your media there´ll be always a value based in non technologic process but human process. ‘Advertising is Dead’ is a claim repeted every year as part of  the advertising identity crisis. Maybe print is not interesting any more as media because technology is changing the human habits so quickly but the future of advertising is in its roots, the human understanding of life, feelings, emotions and thoughs . Here is where creativity comes to generate new campaigns mixing those techs with powerful and innovating messages building the future of relevant brands.

Tech is the fishing rod, a powerful brand new one but is the fisherman, with work, creativity, patience and dedication who will make it good.